It is important to maintain your oral health through preventative dental care on a regular basis.

Early diagnosis and treatment can help you avoid more costly dental problems that may develop or be worsened by lack of basic preventive care.

Most preventative dental care is fully covered by insurance.

If you aren’t sure if your insurance covers preventative care, give us a call and we can verify your benefit coverage before you come in.

Dental X-rays and diagnosis

Diagnostic and preventative services (exams and x-rays) are necessary to diagnose decay and gum problems, including bone loss. Since many diseases first show up in the mouth, they help in the diagnosis of many other health problems.

Fluoride Treatment

Cleanings consist of tartar and stain removal followed by polishing for a great smile.


Fluoride is used to prevent tooth decay.

Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene instruction to help patients know how to properly brush and floss.

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